Whisper 2000

I used to live in Blackpool where my family ran a hotel for some 10 years. Sometimes  – mainly under duress from Rachel my then girlfriend – I returned for a short break to revisit the old place. One haunt I found myself being drawn towards is a place nicknamed “Tacky city” a group of small…


If there’s a word to describe Sense8 I would choose progressive in the depiction of our species, not as one homogeneous lump but one of complexity and diversity.

Easy Riders

My girlfriend and later to be my wife Rachel had a penchant for fast motorbikes In her time she went though amongst others a CBR 600, VFF 400, VFR 750 and a big Honda Virago 750.

Me Before You 2016

Lets start by saying I have never seen an episode of Game of Thrones. Me before You is the only work I have seen Emelia Clarke in. So whats to be made of this choice then?.

A man walks into a bar

Previously I talked about my skill with cards and how I would see someone doing something and then decide to become proficient in that skill. Another day another skill and weirdly another one of those spaghetti westerns to blame. This time I believe it was the film “Revenge in El Paso” staring yet again Mario…

The Yellow Caguole

In the 80’s my family owned two hotels one after the other in Blackpool, the Park Villa and then The Highfield. There are a lot of stories related to the hotel however there is one encounter that every year since will unexpectedly pop into my head.