Let the Right One In 2008

{ Art Credit: Alice Zhang : Eli from “Let the right one in” : http://www.alicexz.com/}

{Synopsis} A bullied boy, Oscar encounters a mysterious neighbor in the form of Eli, apparently a 12 year old girl. Eli lives with a much older man the viewer assumes to be her father. There are a number of gruesome killings in the local area. Oscar grows to realize that Eli is not all she seems. A relationship develops that suggests Oscar has fallen in love with Eli. After a final confrontation with the bullies Oscar and Eli make their escape.

Let The Right One In strips and simplifies the 2004 Novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist to leave a minimalist stark film full of atmosphere and little dialog. The leads Eli {Lina Leandersson} and Oscar {Kåre Hedebrant} are superb. This is a love story of needs and wants. Eli needs a companion and Oscar wants someone strong.

This film reminds me of a moment in my life about aged 9 when I suddenly started thinking about girls and thought it would be good idea to get a girlfriend. Off I toddled on my bike day after day looking for one. What was strange that at the time I did not know why I wanted a girlfriend just that I felt I needed one. I never did find that girl.

One reviewer of this film remarked that at it heart it is about finding someone who can tolerate you and if you do then hold on to them. To me its a naive love – one that looks no further than the next day. This is I suppose the luxury of youth, living without a care for the world and only having each other to fight it. Its when the routine kicks in and the responsibilities grow that those innocent times seem so far away. The film ends at the start of their journey together and like all elopers its all about time and how long that clock will tick.