Balloons of Love

One day while working in an office in central Liverpool in the 90’s I was looking out at the sky only to be met with the sight of a large red balloon which had something dangling from it floating my way. I grabbed a sweeping brush and with some effort managed to pull it in through an open office window.

Attached to the balloon was tied a card and upon it was the message – If you find this balloon or card then please return to the following address etc, which turned out to be a school over in Birkenhead. It appeared this was a school project to see how far the balloons would travel. I returned the card as requested but then it got me thinking…

At that time there was published a paper called Loot which had all kinds of adverts for stuff people wanted to sell for a few quid. However in the back pages there was a section boldly named “International Heart Search”. So I had the idea – lets give cupid a helping hand …

Balloons were purchased and cards written up using information from the Loot Heart Search messages but slightly  – shall we say – enhanced by my fair hand. Here’s a typical example.

I am Katerina, I am 23 very beautiful. I am slim and have lovely golden hair. I am very honest and loving but I find that my heart longs for a man who will make my life whole. So here I stand casting my fate to the wind as I release my Balloon of love today from Varna here in beautiful Bulgaria. My dream is for an Englishman but I think I hope too much. If you find this and your heart sings to you my song of love then please write to me …, <name and address>

I did many of these, up they would float high, high into the sky. I wonder if any of these women found their true love this way, unlikely I suppose. But maybe like cupids arrow the wind may of delivered one to the heart of someone looking for just what maybe would be the start of an amazing adventure.