Easy Riders

My girlfriend and later to be my wife Rachel had a penchant for fast motorbikes In her time she went though amongst others a CBR 600, VFF 400, VFR 750 and a big Honda Virago 750.

Now throughout this time I was normally found installed on the rear of the bike not being able to ride a motorcycle myself. When we picked up the Virago 750 we both decided on new matching helmets and sunglasses to boot. We choose black Shoei helmets and Rayban Wayfarer’s with an 80% tint. On the bike we looked the business. We decided to take a short trip to show off – cloudy weather but hey off we toddled all over the Wirral peninsula and over to Liverpool to visit her parents in Litherland.

Things were going swimmingly until on our return to the Wirral we entered the Liverpool Queensway tunnel on what was now was a bright and sunny day. Soon as we got in there we could not see a damn thing. Rachel tipped her Raybans forward so she could see and me well I just sat back on the sissy bar and hoped for the best.

Anyway about halfway through the tunnel this People Carrier pulled alongside us and in the back were two kids, a boy and a girl. I took a sly glance and then flipped up my visor and slowly turned my head towards the kids. I then lifted my arm, pointed at my eye and then at the kids. They  went into hyperactive overdrive, trying to get the parents to look out of the window. I leaned right back on the sissy bar, nodding my head pointing at the kids, they probably thought I was like the coolest guy alive. This was great until we exited the tunnel when Rachel swerved so violently I nearly dismounted. We then screeched to a halt in the emergency lane. Rachel got off, sunglasses off, helmet off then she took off – on me. “What’s the problem?” I asked. Rachel extremely agitated replied, “It’s the bike, the front wheel was coming off the ground all the time. I had to lean right forward to keep it from doing a wheelie. I’m really scared.”. “Ah” says I. Then I explained what I had been up to – leaning back then I thought just imagine if the bike had actually done a wheelie – yep no doubt about it a bad smell in the trouser department. Anyway after a few minutes of verbal from Rachel including her classic “You silly man” routine we carried on our way home where a hot cup of tea laid in wait to calm the frayed nerves.