Me Before You 2016

Lets start by saying I have never seen an episode of Game of Thrones. Me before You is the only work I have seen Emelia Clarke in. So whats to be made of this choice then?.

I like romantic films but very often they present two people, who its pretty obvious from the outset are going to – as Steve Martin once said – fall in love, get married and then start the whoopie machine. In this film you start by thinking, right let me guess, rocky start, then miracle stem cell cure and wedding in the final reel. Nope that’s not it at all and I think to many viewers its upsetting and leaves them wishing that things turned out different.

I love Emelia Clarke’s Lou in this. She is my type of girl. You cannot just sit there and not be taken in by that smile. The dress sense is wonderfully quirky and lovable. But what shines is the heart of Lou, told through expressions and the eyes. The scene where she is told to shut up and be quiet by Will, Lou exits the room and goes around a corner, backs against a wall. That look she gives I know so well. Its where through either ignorance or fear people reject you and it can leave you devastated and empty inside.

Will has given everybody 6 months and then it is revealed what he intends to do. So should Will have even bothered to become involved with Lou at all? Maybe, but life has taught me that despite ourselves we just fall for people sometimes and there is little we can do about it. Once arisen however everyone needs to ask the question – “Will this person have the best life they can being with me?”. If you, like Will have ever made this decision and decided to let go then you will know it really hurts and you never forget them for as long as there is sand in the hourglass.