Poison Pen Letter

My absolute best friend in childhood was Mr David Hughes but despite our near unbreakable friendship we did sometimes fall out bad style.

When I was about 9 both David and I were in Mrs Browns class in Gayton Primary School. I arrived early one morning to carefully place a poison pen letter on Davids desk with his name written neatly upon it. The letter basically contained everything nasty I could come up with at that age like you stink, your rubbish at marbles, your mothers really ugly – that kind of thing.

Anyway, the class all files in and David arrived late. Here we go I’m thinking. David took hold of the letter opened it and began to read. After about 30 seconds (It wasn’t that long a letter), he stuck it back into the envelope and without hesitation made a beeline┬áto my desk. “What did you write this for?” he asked me directly. I was absolutely stunned. “How did you know it was me?” I replied. David turned to the envelope and pointed at the name written on the front which said “David Huges” – “Your the only person I know who always misses out the “h” in my name.

Moral of story, always spell check your poison pen letters and for goodness sake get the name right.