About Me

My name is Paul Skilander. The family name Skilander is an alteration of the original Skilandis which is Lithuanian for a type of sausage. The family emigrated around 1880 intending to go to the United States. However some of the family disembarked in Liverpool and stayed here while the rest continued their journey. We have never made contact with these relatives since this time.

I was born in Liverpool in the 1960’s. I lived there until I was 5 years old and then the family moved over to Heswall on the Wirral. There I spent my childhood until a decision was made to start a family business that ultimately led to the purchase of the Park Villa Hotel in Palatine Rd, Blackpool in 1977. We moved a year later to a bigger Hotel, The Highfield in Empress Drive, Blackpool where we stayed until 1995. Due to the car being stolen amongst other things we found ourselves booked into The Palms Hotel for some 6 months before we eventually purchased Swanlow Road Post Office and Newsagency in Winsford. We owned this business for 2 years and then made our way back to Heswall where laid the ghosts of my childhood.

{Bad day @ Ecclesall Avenue, Litherland}

I left school with no qualifications at all. This was mainly because the council decided to announce the closure of Knowle High School (Tylesdley Secondary School) some two years before the doors shut and the place was raised to the ground. The effect was that all the permanent staff left and for a year and a half all we had were supply teachers who literally did nothing. The result was that virtually every child got straight grade ‘U’s’ – ungraded for every subject.

Then began a lifelong struggle with the education system which today see’s me with two degrees in Accountancy and Finance and another in Psychology.

I am currently working as an IT consultant for a number of clients, still living in Heswall.