I repeat

I can sometimes seem a rather contradictory person, at one time funny, witty and charming and at ease with people and another withdrawn and quiet. I feel with some trepidation I will tell you why.

Card Sharp

When I was about 8 I used to play my Grandmother May Ross at cards and she would win every time. Out of sheer frustration I turned to my mum one afternoon and asked her “Why does granny always win at cards?”. Leaning over my mum  whispered ” Granny has a secret”, “What?” I replied,…

The Ring

About 15 years ago I worked in an office with two other protagonists in central Liverpool. While working there it is safe to say that we achieved in our minds legendary status as pranksters getting up to absurd antics that beggar belief.


My friend David Hughes seems to enjoy reminding me of one particular event that happened while I was in Blackpool where my family owned and operated a Hotel.

Sooty and Sweep

It was a lazy day at David Hughes house, sitting in the front lounge of his home, drinking milk and eating biscuits. Now David’s home was semi detached and being Saturday afternoon we could hear next door watching the Football match and being rather vocal to boot.

Agent 77

The following happened some 40 years ago and throughout that time through many tellings details get added and then lost but it’s always been a little treasure to me.